a taste of magicfrom a place of magic


spring water like no other

Smooth, slightly sweet and always refreshing, Whitehole Spring Water is like no other. Located in the Mendip Hills, just a few miles outside the city of Bath, our water travels for hundreds of years through a unique limestone rock called Tufa. On its journey something magical happens: it creates a water that not only tastes uniquely delicious, but is also naturally enriched with minerals.

ph neutral

Our water is in perfect equilibrium with a pH of 7, meaning it is neither acidic nor alkaline.

rich in calcium

It has one of the highest natural calcium levels of any mineral water & very low sodium levels.

natural source

We bottle direct from our naturally occurring spring, no bore hole, no damage.

Our Water

the range



Whitehole Springs still water: Clear, smooth and with slightly sweet taste.

  • 330ml

    x 12 per case

  • 750ml

    x 12 per case



Whitehole Springs sparkling water: The same unique Whitehole taste, but with added fizz.

  • 330ml

    x 12 per case

  • 750ml

    x 12 per case

Our Home

water with a story

Whitehole Springs has been producing ‘magical water’ for centuries, but only people in the know have been able to enjoy it. The secret is too good to keep to ourselves, so we wanted to share it with everyone. Whether you believe in the magic or not, one things is undeniable – the water tastes naturally delicious.


in good company

Our water is stocked and sold and some of the world’s finest hotels, restaurants and retailers. We are proud to be placed alongside some of the world’s most prestigious brands.


the environment comes first

For us the land and the environment at Whitehole Springs has always come first. In fact, it was this that attracted us here in the first place, before anyone had even thought about bottling the water. We will never use plastic, we will never add anything to our water and we keep our home entirely chemical free.

  • 100% recyclable
  • chemical free

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