For Retail

a truly luxury item

Whitehole Spring Water has a refreshingly smooth and slightly sweet taste that makes it the perfect accompaniment to any gastronomic experience. That’s why it’s served in some of the finest establishments across the country.


A stand out product

Whitehole Spring is naturally produced in the Mendip Hills in Somerset, just a few miles from Bath. On its journey to the spring it travels through a unique limestone rock called Tufa and it’s the magical properties of Tufa that create water with such a natural and distinctive taste.


Highly desirable -
healthy, Recycled, sustainable

Whitehole Spring is water in natural balance with a neutral pH of 7, as well as being high in calcium and low in sodium. Our water is served in lovely glass bottles so it never touches plastic and no plastics are used in our production process. We are committed to preserving the natural environment and beauty of our land. That’s why nothing is added or taken away in our bottling process – we just let nature do what it knows best.


in good company

We’re very proud to say our water is stocked and served in some of the finest retailers in the UK, here are just a few examples. Our water is the perfect product for your customers.

always in stock

Our water is bottled all year round so we are always ready to deliver your order on time and when you want it.

easy delivery

We can deliver direct from our estate or it can be arranged via one our stockists – click here for more information.

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