we care for our planet

We care

custodians of the environment

For us the land and the environment at Whitehole Springs has always come first. In fact, it was this that attracted us here in the first place, before anyone had even thought about bottling the water. We remain as committed as ever to protecting and preserving this beautiful 74 acre environment and one day, we will pass it onto the next guardians, hopefully in even better condition than when we first moved here.



Owl nesting boxes in our woodland

Doormouse nesting boxes across our grounds

Bat dormers on the roof of our home

funding & support

We receive support from the Rural Development Programme for England, which is focused on improving both the environment and the productivity of farming and business in rural England.


From day one we have been committed to actively recycle and re-use any items we possibly can and we make sure that all our cardboard and plastic is processed in the correct manner. Our next venture is to harness renewable energy so we can power our business in the most natural ways possible. We’ll update with further news as it happens.

chemical free

When it comes to chemicals we have one very simple policy – ‘no harmful chemicals' are allowed on our land! We want Whitehole Spring to be a completely natural and organic environment.

Plastic free

never plastic

One of our most important decisions was to only use glass bottles for our water, instead of the cheaper and lighter plastic option. Glass is ideal for recycling and can be used again and again to make more bottles. Plus, we are all acutely aware of how much damage the use of everyday plastic is doing to the wider environment.

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