Tufa rock

tufa - a geological marvel


One of the world’s only sources

Whitehole Spring Water is naturally produced in the Mendip Hills in Somerset. On its journey to the spring it travels through a unique limestone rock called Tufa, a geological wonder that is only found in a few places throughout the world and is quite rare in the UK. Tufa rock is, on a geological scale, a young rock. It’s pitted and sponge-like appearance is a direct result of its formation from mosses, twigs, leaves and snail shells forming calcified materials over many decades. Thanks to the unique properties of Tufa, the water retains the essence of calcium, giving it a uniquely sweeter and smoother taste.



water quality like no other

The magical properties of Tufa mean that as our water passes through the rock something amazing happens. It creates water that is in perfect equilibrium, which means it has a pH level of 7 – neither acidic or alkaline. But that’s not all. The water has one of the highest calcium levels of any UK mineral water (which is good for bones), and has very low levels of sodium.


pH Neutral

One of the unique properties of Whitehole Springs is that it is naturally balanced water. As it passes through the Tufa rocks of the Mendip Hills it picks up a perfect combination of minerals, creating a water that is in perfect equilibrium. In scientific terms it has a pH level of 7, meaning it is neither acidic nor alkaline. So if you worry about what you put in your body then drinking our spring water is a positive way to help maintain the body’s natural equilibrium.




An natural and simple process

Nothing is added or taken away in our bottling process – we just let nature do what it knows best.

rain falls on the mendip hills

the water passes through the underground spring

the water retainscalcium and minerals

we bottle direct from the spring source


discover the magic

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