Our Story

bottling magic


an unexpected discovery

When you experience the natural environment of Whitehole Springs, just a few minutes from Bath, it’s almost impossible not to fall under its spell. When John and Eve Patch first explored the 74 acres of Whitehole Farm they fell in love with the natural beauty of the place and the abundance of wildlife and wildflowers that grow in the meadows. It was only later that they decided to start bottling the spring water so they could share its natural purity and clean taste. The family still own the land but they view themselves only as its guardians, preserving its natural beauty and not doing anything to upset the natural balance.



The Spring

a natural resource

The water from Whitehole Springs is naturally produced in the Mendip Hills of Somerset, England, after travelling trough a unique limestone rock called Tufa. After many years it bubbles up to the surface in a number of naturally occuring spring on our land. And that’s it. We don’t need to do anything clever or fancy to it. We just put in in glass bottles so everyone can enjoy the unique taste of Whitehole Springs.


pure goodness

Whitehole Spring water naturally purifies itself on very rare tufa rock making it the only natural spring water free from chlorine and giving it a slightly sweet taste.


Our bottling plant

Our bottling plant is a custom-built, state-of-the art facility, designed to be as energy efficient as possible while being sympathetic to the environment surrounding us. Our plan is to introduce renewable sources of energy where we can, to ensure our production process has minimal impact on the natural resources that lie at the heart of Whitehole Springs


preserving nature

Our land is home to a huge variety of plants and animals and we do everything possible to actively maintain and enhance these natural resources. Our buildings are Greater Horseshoe Bat and Barn Owl friendly and we put up boxes across the land to support a wide variety of other species.


spring water like no other

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