Ley lines - animal highways on Whitehole Farm

23/07/20  - Case Study, Story, Uncategorised

Whitehole Farm is a haven to many different animals and wildflowers and we make every effort to maintain and promote a natural environment for them.

We’re fortunate to have large number of deer moving across the land, often following the same paths on a regular basis.  Many people believe that animals follow these regular routes because they are actually being guided by ley lines, using them as nature’s compass to navigate between feeding grounds.

Although their existence causes much scientific debate, ley lines are believed to be straight flows of energy that move through the landscape (carrying an altered form of the earth’s magnetic field). Some people are very sensitive to them and water dowsers use their abilities to identify their locations. In England, many significant historical sites seem to be located on very long straight lines, the most famous of which runs from Lands End right across the country to the Norfolk coast.

In the past dowsers have identified ley lines that run through the 74 acres of Whitehole Farm, not far from Bath, where the natural springs come to the surface. Whether ley lines actually exist or not, it’s always a joy to see deer roaming around the land, adding to the magical environment of Whitehole Springs on a daily basis.

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