Unique water with a unique composition

23/07/20  - Case Study, Story, Uncategorised

Whitehole Spring Water is naturally produced in the Mendip Hills in Somerset, close to the city of Bath. On its journey to the spring it travels through a unique limestone rock called Tufa, a geological wonder that is only found in a few places throughout the world and is quite rare in the UK. Tufa rock is, on a geological scale, a young rock. Rainwater seeps into the rock and imparts itself with the natural minerals contained within whilst being filtered as it flows. The end result is crystal clear water that’s enriched with natural elements.

Thanks to the unique properties of Tufa, the water has one of the highest calcium levels of any mineral water in the UK. At 101mg/litre it contains roughly a tenth of the calcium of milk, making it good for healthier bones and even regulating your heartbeat. It also has very low sodium levels. The Drinking Water Inspectorate states that 200mg/litre of sodium is safe; our water has only 6mg/litre (which compares favourably versus other brands).


Naturally occurring Whitehole springs

Finally, it creates water that is naturally balanced and in perfect equilibrium, which means it has a pH level of 7 – neither acidic or alkaline. Some people claim, although there is little scientific evidence to support it, that water that is more alkaline has some limited health benefits. What is fact is that the human body likes to maintain pH equilibrium on a constant basis so drinking water that is pH neutral is simply a gentle choice for hydration.

Thanks to all this magic of nature, we don’t need to do anything clever to the spring water as it bubbles out of the ground. We simply put it into glass bottles so everyone can enjoy the unique taste of Whitehole Springs.

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